Clark's Mountain to honor famed explorer

November 5, 2002
Contact: Jay Rasmussen (503) 640-9493

Clark's Mountain to honor famed explorer

The Oregon Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation announced today the successful completion of their quest to honor explorer William Clark by having the peak of Tillamook Head named as "Clark's Mountain." Chapter secretary Glen Kirkpatrick received a letter confirming the official acceptance of this proposal from Mr. Roger L. Payne, Executive Secretary of the U.S. Board of Geographic Names.

The peak of Tillamook Head rises over 1250 feet above sea level and is a very prominent geographic feature of the northern Oregon Coast. William Clark described Tillamook Head on November 18, 1805 as he and Meriwether Lewis looked south across the mouth of the Columbia River from Cape Disappointment. On January 10, 1806 shortly after Clark's return from a trip over the mountain in search of a beached whale, Captain Lewis took the liberty of naming the mountain after his esteemed colleague as "Clark's Mountain and Point of View."

The Oregon Chapter is a non-profit group that works to advance public awareness of the historic, social and cultural significance of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. It is one of 38 chapters of the national Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, Inc.