Official Newsletter of the Oregon Chapter of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

In View: January 2017

President's Corner

Newsletter 01-17-4
Dear Chapter Members,

I hope everyone who attended our holiday event enjoyed it as much as I did. We filled the room with interesting conversation, good food, and generosity.

In 2016, the chapter received several large donations of L&C-related books—from
Billie Holcomb, Carl & Sondra Rudy, and the estate of Barbara Minard.

Some of these books were passed on to the Sherman Library in Great Falls, some of them were given to the Fort Clatsop research library, and the rest were included in our annual silent auction.

In 2017, we will focus primarily on planning for the 2018 annual meeting of the national foundation, but we will continue to bring you engaging programs as well. Among the ideas we are considering are previews of speakers for the 2018 meeting, a regional meeting with the Washington and Idaho chapters, and other events (see 2017 Chapter Events).

We will continue to develop plans for interpretation and signage regarding Clark’s tour of the Willamette and the “McNeal’s Folly” incident near the whale site.

Forging partnerships and obtaining grants will take some time, but we expect to complete the new interpretation before the 2018 annual meeting.

Please join me in thanking our board members who worked so hard to plan and organize the eight memorable and enjoyable events we held in 2016.

We have been fortunate to have Scott with us, and we look forward to welcoming his successor, who like Scott will be a ex officio member of our board.

Your most humble and obedient servant,
Mark Johnson

Oregon Historical Society — November

Newsletter 01-17-6
Kerry Tymchuk shares some precious items from
the OHS collections with chapter members lunching
in the Madison Room.
On a November Saturday, 24 chapter members enjoyed a tour, luncheon, and lecture at the Oregon Historical Society’s museum in downtown Portland.

OHS docents
Bob Setterberg, Kay Mannion, and Bill Nelson led us on a tour of the “Oregon My Oregon” exhibit.

During a box lunch in the Madison Room we heard from the executive director of OHS,
Kerry Tymchuk.

His topics included the story of Meriwether Lewis’s branding iron carried on the expedition and its subsequent recovery. Kerry brought it for all to handle. He also spoke about the impending re-curation of “Oregon My Oregon” and the L&C story it will tell.

Chapter Activities

Explore More!

Newsletter 01-17-5
Chapter members enjoy a picnic lunch at Portland’s Cathedral Park, discussing L&C with journals editor Gary Moulton before hearing a presentation on Clark’s April 1806 expedition up the Willamette.

Thelma Haggenmiller and Lyn Trainer lead Explore More!, a series of chapter trips which include a Lewis & Clark connection but also help members learn about other historical and cultural events that happened since that time.

Watch your mail and e-mail, and especially the chapter website for more information and details.

Welcome Superintendent Jon Burpee!

Newsletter 01-17-7
In January Jon Burpee became superintendent of Lewis & Clark National Historical Park, headquartered at Fort Clatsop. He joins our chapter board as an ex officio member.

Jon was superintendent at the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument in Las Vegas.

He holds a degree in history from the Univ. of Washington. His wife, Julie, worked as a park ranger in six different national parks and is now a teacher. Their kids are Thomas and Susannah.

Newsletter 01-17-1

Map Guide

Unsolicited praise for our “Lewis & Clark on the Columbia” mapguide from a volunteer at the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center: “Our guests are tickled when they ask about Lewis & Clark—and we can give them a great document like this!”
Oregon Chapter's Name Badges
Send $15.00 and your name (as you want it to appear), to Dick Hohnbaum, 6916 Wheatland Lane N., Keizer, Oregon 97303. Make checks payable to OR-LCTHF. (click the picture above to see a larger image.)

2017 Chapter Events

See the Events page for more details if available!

  • Jan/Feb: Anthropology Prof. Doug Deur on “Empire of the Turning Tide” at PSU.
  • Feb–Apr: Doug Erickson on the influence of art & literature on L&C, and vice versa.
  • Mar/Apr: Spirit Mountain Casino & Museum visit.
  • Summer: Camp Rilea archaeology.
  • Summer: Cathlapotle Plank House.



Mark Johnson '17
Vice President
Glen Kirkpatrick ’18
Ted Kaye '17
Dick Hohnbaum ’18
Eric Apodaca ’18 Lou Apodaca ’19
David Ellingson ’17
Thelma Haggenmiller ’19
Mary Johnson ’18
Ellie McClure ’17
Lyn Trainer ’19
Roger Wendlick ’18
Ex Officio
Jon Burpee
Hannah Crummé
Larry McClure

Please contact Mark Johnson with interest in Chapter service.

Eric & Lou Apodaca Join the Board

Newsletter 01-17-8Newsletter 01-17-9
Eric and Lou Apodaca have joined the board of our Chapter—Eric for a term through 2018; Lou through 2019. They live in the Portland area but spend much of the year volunteering in state parks around Oregon.

They have volunteered at Fort Clatsop for around ten years. There their interest in the journey of Lewis & Clark with the Corps has grown over the years—Eric spends 2–3 months a year at the fort assisting at the front desk of the visitor center, with Lou assisting in various tasks as needed.

Eric is a retired graduate accountant with a career in the field in various related areas. Lou has held several positions in the aerospace industry and other Oregon industries.

They have always had an interest in history in general and hope to help LCTHF in any way they can.

Hannah Crummé joins the Chapter Board as an ex officio member

Hannah Crumme
As the new Head of Special Collections and Archives at Lewis & Clark College, Dr. Crummé has assumed an ex officio seat on the Chapter board.

Born in Portland, she grew up in Corvallis and attended Pomona College for her undergraduate degree in literature in 2008, and King's College London for her MA and PhD in early modern literary history. After work at the British National Archives, she returned to Oregon in 2016 and joined Lewis & Clark College in Portland.

2016 Holiday Potluck at Fort Clatsop

Newsletter 01-17-10
Lorna Hainesworth, “Ambassador and National Traveler” and past speaker to our chapter, gave a fascinating illustrated talk describing the global context of the L&C expedition and the wars during and after, following the stories of five Corps members and their involvement in the War of 1812. Mark Johnson thanked her with a book, an honorarium check, and a small box of Dr. Rush’s Thunderclappers.

The Oregon Chapter held its annual holiday potluck on December 3, generously hosted by the staff at Fort Clatsop in the Netul River Room.

54 chapter members and guests enjoyed a ham dinner and conducted a short business meeting.

They elected as VP—
Glen Kirkpatrick and treasurer—Dick Hohnbaum through 2018 and as directors—Eric Apodaca through 2018 and Lou Apodaca, Lyn Trainer, and Thelma Haggenmiller through 2019.

Mark Johnson described the year’s highlights and thanked Steven McClure, whose board term ended after five years’ service.

Lorna Hainesworth, the Maryland author, then spoke on “The Corps and the War of 1812”.

A silent auction of books donated by Carl & Sondra Rudy and the estate of Barbara Minard and other items raised $387 for the Ed Fund.

For more photos and information, download the full newsletter PDF.
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