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In View: May 2017

President's Corner

Newsletter 01-17-4
Dear Chapter Members,

I was delighted to see several of you at the joint LCTHF-OCTA Symposium in Vancouver in April. It was fun to gather like minds following some of the same paths. From the geology of the Gorge and archaeology at Fort Vancouver, to Chinookan culture and early white settlers in Vancouver, we heard some fascinating presentations about “Layers of History”, physical and cultural.

The same weekend, the national board of LCTHF held a business meeting, and
Larry McClure provided a well-received update on our Chapter’s plans to host the 2018 Annual Meeting in Astoria (Oct 7–10). We are making good progress on planning—we have negotiated group lodging rates and we’re fleshing out program ideas and the budget for the meeting.

Hats off to Larry and the committee members who are working so hard.

Our next big event is a 2:00 reception on
June 3 at the Oregon Historical Society to welcome Jon Burpee, the new Superintendent of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Park, back to the Pacific Northwest. He was formerly a ranger at Fort Vancouver. Donations are requested to help pay for light refreshments and the venue rental.

Don’t forget the annual meeting in Billings, July 21–26. It would be great to drive the trail back to Montana and stop off in Yellowstone park, too!

Finally, I want to thank
Dick Hohnbaum for his many years of service as our treasurer. He remains on our board and continues to be actively involved.

Your most humble and obedient servant,
Mark Johnson

Newsletter 5-17-2
Sue Buchel, foundation librarian, gratefully receives
a large donation of books for the William P. Sherman
Library from the Oregon Chapter, represented by
Mark Johnson, president.
Chapter Presents Books to Sherman Library
A primary goal of our organization is “sharing the story”, and gathering relevant publications is a key part.

We recently shared gifts of books from Carl & Sondra Rudy and the estates of Barbara Minard and Dr. Robert Holcomb with the national foundation’s library in Great Falls, Montana.

We gave librarian Sue Buchel first dibs before offering the rest to members at auction.
Sue delighted in receiving so many needed titles.

Chapter Activities

Explore More!

Newsletter 01-17-5
Glen Kirkpatrick, chapter vice president, leads a hike over
Tillamook Head on the Oregon Coast, in the steps of William Clark
210 years before.

Thelma Haggenmiller and Lyn Trainer lead Explore More!, a series of chapter trips which include a Lewis & Clark connection but also help members learn about other historical and cultural events that happened since that time.

Watch your mail and e-mail, and especially the chapter website for more information and details.

Celilo Explorations — April 2017

To commemorate 60 years since Celilo Falls was silenced, the Oregon and Washington chapters went up the Columbia River Gorge to explore several areas of interest. They toured the pictographs and petroglyphs in Washington’s Columbia Hills State Park (Horse Thief Lake), featuring the famed Tsagaglalal — “She Who Watches”.

After a potluck at Celilo Park, 30 members heard
Glen Kirkpatrick give a fascinating talk on the geology of the Columbia Gorge.


With over 150 members, Oregon is one of the largest chapters of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. Chapter membership brings you our newsletter three times a year and invitations to our many events. (We encourage members to pay for multiple years, as that saves everyone work.) If you are not yet a member of the national Foundation, please consider joining its 1,000+ members. It’s easy—just visit A large number of us are members, and enjoy its publications, events, and mission.

See the L&C Nat’l Trail’s 2016 annual report on Issuu.

2018 Annual Meeting

Calling for volunteers!

Larry McClure seeks help in the following areas:
  • Graphics layout for promotional materials
  • Writing short articles for The Orderly Report to encourage attendance.
  • Recommending travel routes featuring sites of interest from the south and east.
  • Staffing the information table at the Billings meeting in July.

Contact him at with your offers to help.

Oregon Chapter's Name Badges
Send $15.00 and your name (as you want it to appear), to Ellie McClure, 17760 S.W. Cheyenne Way, Tualatin, OR 97062 ( Make checks payable to OR-LCTHF. (click the picture above to see a larger image.)

2017 Chapter Events

See the Events page for more details if available!

  • June 3: Reception welcoming Superintendent Jon Burpee at Oregon Historical Society.
  • Summer: Camp Rilea archaeology.
  • Aug. 12: Beacon Rock picnic.
  • Fall: Talk on the Corps’ saltmaking with Tom Wilson.
  • December 2: Holiday potluck in the Portland area (likely at L&CC); proposed speaker— Prof. Doug Deur


Dick Hohnbaum ’17
Mary Johnson ’18
Lyn Trainer ’19
Roger Wendlick ’18


Mark Johnson '17
Vice President
Glen Kirkpatrick ’18
Ted Kaye '17
Ellie McClure ’18
Jerry Aalfs ’17
Eric Apodaca ’18
Lou Apodaca ’19
David Ellingson ’17
Thelma Haggenmiller ’19
Ex Officio
Jon Burpee
Hannah Crummé
Larry McClure

Please contact Mark Johnson with interest in Chapter service.

Dick Hohnbaum Passes the Checkbook

Newsletter 5-17-16
Back in 1998, Dick Hohnbaum took part in establishing our Oregon Chapter, joining its first board. He was elected treasurer in 1999 and served in that role until early this year, when he swapped positions with Ellie McClure.

For over 17 years Dick has managed our finances, receiving member dues and handling all expenditures. He helped host the national foundation’s annual meeting in Portland in 2005, and he has tended our membership database and ordered the name badges.

He continues to publish this newsletter, arranging for the printing and getting it in the mail to members three times a year.

We thank Dick for his long and selfless service to our chapter.

The Literary Corps of Discovery — February 2017

Doug Erickson
Doug Erickson presents
“The Literary Corps of Discovery—
The Impact of Lewis & Clark on the
American Imagination” at the
West Linn Public Library.
Chapter members enjoyed the broad
range of resources he brought to
his presentation

Hardly anyone knows more about the literature of the Lewis & Clark Expedition—and that which preceded and followed it—than Doug Erickson, our past president.

In February he enlightened 22 chapter members with an extensive presentation at the West Linn Public Library, where he is now director, on “The Literary Corps of Discovery— The Impact of Lewis & Clark on the American Imagination”. He used multiple visual and textual examples of the influences and effects of America’s most famous expedition to explore the rich cultural history of the Corps of Discovery.

Doug was the associate director of the Watzek Library and head of Special Collections and Archives at Lewis & Clark College 1991–2015. He has also co-authored five books, and has curated, lectured, and written text for exhibits on the
American West for many prestigious institutions.

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