The Volcanoes of Lewis and Clark

On October 7, 1805, Lewis and Clark and the "Corps of Discovery" began their journey down the Clearwater River and into the volcanics of the Pacific Northwest. The Corps travelled from the Clearwater to the Snake and down the "Great Columbia." finally reaching the Pacific Ocean on November 15, 1805. Along the journey they encountered the lava flows of the Columbia Plateau, river channels carved by the great "Missoula Floods." and the awesome beauty of five Cascade Range volcanoes.

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Moulton's Lewis & Clark Journals, 12 Vol.

Powell's Books still has the Journals of the Lewis & Clark Expedition (edited by Gary Moulton), 12 volumes (all except the Atlas) in softcover, for $49.98 TOTAL. A super holiday present.

Please note: Volume one, the atlas of the journey, is not available in paperback, which is why this set starts with volume two (the atlas is available in hardback only for $250).

"150 books, 200 years" a bibliography in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial

"150 books, 200 years," a bibliography in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, is now available at:

The Governor-appointed Washington Lewis and Clark Trail Committee, the Washington State Chapter of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation, and the Washington State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State, have partnered to produce this bibliography. It is the third bibliography the three partners have produced in honor of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial. The final bibliography will encompass the two hundred most significant books published about the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Copies or reprints of nearly all the titles are available via interlibrary loan from the Washington State Library.

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