Celilo Falls Commemoration

April 29-30: To commemorate 60 years since Celilo Falls was silenced, the Oregon and Washington chapters will be going up the Columbia River Gorge to explore several areas of interest and to camp at MaryHill state park.

April 29 Saturday 10:00 AM ‘Tsagaglalal-She Who Watches’ pictograph/and petroglyph Tour at Columbia Hills State Park (Horse Thief Lake) which is on Washington Hwy 14 about 2 miles east of Dallesport/The Dalles. The tour and related sites may take up to 2 hours. Space is limited to 20 people, reservations required, send confirmation to Rennie Kubik at stzeam41@gmail.com (Please arrive by 9:45 AM for pictograph/petroglyph tour)

12:30 Potluck and Chapter meetings at Celilo Park I-84 exit 97

1:30 Geologist Glen Kilpatrick speaking on the geology of the Celilo Falls area. We will also view Celilo Canal, and Expedition campsites and portage routes in the Wishram area.

2:30 Maryhill Museum of Art

Time permitting other trips to Oregon Trail marker near Biggs Junction, Overland Trail route down Maryhill Canyon, Stonehenge Memorial, Maryhill Winery and Wishram Historic Locomotive 1923 Great Northern 2507 P2 4-8-2 locomotive and tender.

6:00 Evening campfire Maryhill State Park Group Camp

Camping accommodations at Maryhill State Park (reservations here http://parks.state.wa.us/223/Reservations) or Peach Beach RV Park at 509-773-4927, or Deschutes River State Recreation Area (OR State Parks) or LePage Park (USACE), or contact Rennie Kubik at stzeam41@gmail.com or 360-546-5949 for group camping at Maryhill Park.

April 30 Sunday 10:00 AM Washington and Oregon Chapters Tour of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center, 5000 Discovery Drive, The Dalles, OR then travel to Rowena Summit for a view of Mount Adams, and depart for home.

Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler Trip

April 18 –Thursday 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM – Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler trip from Cascade Locks to The Dalles with bus back to Cascade Locks – cost $98 per person, buffet lunch provided.

The Oregon Chapter will have “Storytellers” on aboard the Sternwheeler in ‘leathers’ to add that special L&C touch of interpretation to this particular Cruise. We have also arranged for a reduced rate for our L&C followers. Please use the code LewisClark13 when you make your reservations with the Portland Spirit.

Online at http://www.portlandspirit.com

Or call the Portland Spirit at 503/224-3900 OR toll free 800-224-3901

Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler Trip

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM — Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler trip from Portland (Caruthers Landing near OMSI) to Cascade Locks with bus back to Portland – cost $98 per person, includes breakfast and buffet lunch. Call 503/224-3900 for details.

The Columbia River Gorge - Garden of the Corps of Discovery

Posters are now available for this joint Event with the Washington and Idaho Chapters.

Click on the thumbnail to open a PDF, then just choose save from the File menu, and you are ready for print.

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Washington State Chapter Meeting

We have been invited to join the Washington State Chapter for their fall meeting at Sacajawea State Park in Pasco, WA on September 24, 2011.
  • The fall meeting of the Washington Chapter LCTHF will be Saturday, September 24, 2011 at Sacajawea State Park in Pasco, WA
  • September 23-25 is Heritage Days at the Park, with music, reenactors, booths, tribal people, and etc.
  • The chapter's business meeting will be at 1 pm on Saturday. The Kubiks will provide light refreshments
We will offer two hikes that weekend
  • Saturday morning, we will meet in Plymouth for a hike to the April 26, 1806 campsite near present-day Plymouth (where Clark described the young Walla Walla boy, and his fishing techniques)
  • Sunday morning we will take an easy hike up the east side of Wallula Gap, near Two Sisters
Chapter members are encouraged to spend the weekend, either in a motel, or camping in the park, and enjoying the activities in the park. We are arranging a meeting place in the park for the chapter business meeting and for an area for camping (look for our 15-star, 15 stripe flag).
  • The programs will be the hikes, Heritage Days, and the chapter's business, of which there is much right now!
Please RSVP to Barb Kubik, President (chemna@aol.com) no-later-than September 19th!

If you want to learn more about Heritage Days, simply type in Sacajawea Heritage Days on your favorite search engine!

Joint Meeting - Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Chapters

Including Lecture on David Thompson by Jack Nisbit

Group Camping at Sacagawea State Park, Pasco Washington

Event Date(s): July 8, 9, and 10 2011
Coordinator: Chuck Raddon (Idaho Chapter), Barb Kubik (Wash. Chapter), Dick Hohnbaum (Oregon Chapter)
Coordinator Email: Chuck Raddon Email idahoclarkie@gmail.com
Starting Location: Sacajawea State Park, Pasco, Washington
Event Summary: See attached document (PDF)
Camping: $12 per night plus food and incidentals

Q: Will Jack Nisbet's Saturday morning talk be open to the public - i.e., non-members of the Chapters or LCTHF?
  • Yes, the Nisbet talk is open to the public.  We doing some local media release and hope to get some new members from this.
Q: Will attendees need to pay an admission fee to the park?
  • I think there is a $1 admission fee but if you are camping it is waved, and (I think) if you are a member of our group and we've reserved the site and are paying a site fee then our members are free—I think.
Q: If so, are annual parks passes now available for purchase at the park?
  • Yes, when I visited there last week they were just gearing up for the new fee system. They are somewhat confused, I was there the first day of the new fees and there was some confusion over the new fees.
Q: The attached notice which I received stated that participants in the meals should RSVP by June 6.  Is it now too late to RSVP for the breakfasts and dinners?
  • Oh-Oh!!! The RSVP should have said  by JULY 6, not June 6. I hope that didn't go too far. Please help us correct that.
Q: If not, what is the suggested donation for for the meals?
If an attendee is not camping at the park, and will not take part in all the meals, what donation do you suggest per meal?
  • Donations are donations; we don't want to hassle over money. There will just be a can or box and it's up to you as to how you value the meals. I suspect most folks that eat all four meals would leave us $30 which would be fine and cover expenses. We were also planning on deserts for the camp fire, but Barb wants to Potluck those, so we'll see what happens. We're also hoping folks will jump in and help with the clean-up.
Q: Would I be right to assume that we should RSVP specifically about which meals we plan to take part in?
  • Yes, we would like to know how many people are planning to come to each meal, so we need a meal by meal head count RSVP.
Q: If it is too late to RSVP for the dinners, is it OK to "brown bag" it, or eat elsewhere first, and still attend the campfire activities?
  • We're assuming some will not want to camp but instead find a local motel. They are welcome at the meals as it works into their schedule, but we do need some idea of how many will be at each meal. There will always be changes, nothing ever runs perfect so we intend to be flexible.

WA-LCTHF Chapter Meeting


Bridge of the Gods Puppet Show


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