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  Chapter Christmas Party - Fort Clatsop, OR  
  December 16, 2000  

Board Members Present: (Old and New Board): Keith Hay, Jay Rasmussen, Michael Carrick, Richard Hohnbaum, Doug Erickson, John Montague, Roger Wendlick, Larry McClure, Glen Kirkpatrick, Linda Nelson.

Keith Hay opened the meeting at 1:00 pm. There were approximately 70 people in attendance.

Curt Johnson spoke for Don Striker (who was travelling) and welcomed us to Fort Clatsop. He told of expansion plans for the Fort and of a planned trail to the coast via Camp Rilea. Curt told us that after 31 years with the NPS, and 21 years at Fort Clatsop, he will retire on Dec 31st. He plans to stay in the area and to do volunteer work at the Fort.

Keith introduced Barb Kubik, President of the National LCTHF. Barb passed on a big "Hello" from Cindy Orlando, told us the Sammye Meadows has resigned and now works for the L&C Bicentennial Commission, and that Sammye has been replaced by Cari Karns from within the organization.

Barb said the LCTHF now has more that 3000 members. They are developing a ten-year plan. In the works is a new edition of the Curriculum Guide and a new edition of "In Search of York" with some updated material.

The Presidents of the Idaho Chapter (Anne Schorzman) and the Washington Chapter (Murray Hayes) gave a short briefing on the activities of those chapters.

Three members of the Chinook Tribal Council spoke on their concerns. Gary Johnson told us that his son, Tony Johnson, is carving a Chinook canoe for Fort Clatsop Memorial from a log over 1,200 years old. Dick Basch, a Clatsop tribal Council member for 28 years, told us of their hopes that a longhouse would be built near the Fort.

Next, Jan Mitchell of the L&C Bicentennial Association in Clatsop County informed us that they will host one of the twelve authorized Bicentennial events. She is hoping that they might get an excursion train up and running in this area in a couple of years.

President Keith Hay outlined several projects that our organization is working on or is considering:
  • A tri-state publication on the principal sites utilized by L&C. It should be finished within a year.
  • He commended the website set up by Jay Rasmussen.
  • Our potential lecture series is on hold due to considerations about conflict with other presentations.
  • Roger Wendlick was thanked for his outstanding efforts on the Pomp gravesite restoration.
  • More emphasis should be given to the fact that Francois Rivet, a member of the expedition on the first leg from Camp Wood to Fort Mandan, is buried locally, in the St. Paul cemetery.
  • Glen Kirkpatrick's work on the dispute on how far up the Willamette that Clark ventured was commended. Glen says that Clark did not get as far as Univ. of Portland. He calculates Clark turned back just short of the present St. John's bridge.
  • The educational program is in progress. Larry McClure met with Stan Bunn, who pledged the cooperation of the Oregon Dept. of Education.
  • Glen Kirkpatrick brought us up to date on the efforts to have Bird Point renamed Clark's Point. It is a bit difficult dealing with the government agencies involved.
  • Keith showed us a pre-publication copy of his book on the L&C Columbia River Water Trail. This covers the area between Forts Clatsop and Canby and the Bonneville Dam.
  • After some closing comments, we left the lecture hall and visited some presentations by the NPS staff in the log cabins. L&C's Christmas at the Fort was discussed, and nature cooperated with authentic heavy rain to enhance the mood. The darkness, the dampness of our clothes infused with smoke from the wood fires, the penny-whistle and Jew's Harp music, the candle making, starting the fires with flint strikers, and period-costumed NPS staff put us in the mood to have the special dinner set up by Keith: Beaver, Deer, Elk, Salmon, Camas, Wapato, and other delicacies of the period. Keith stopped just short of cooking a dog in his quest for authenticity.

    During the dinner, Michelle Bussard presented a synopsis of the activities of the L&C Bicentennial Commission.

    Yours truly,

    Michael F. Carrick
    Secretary, Oregon Chapter LCTHF

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    Posted: January 7, 2001

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