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  Oregon, Washington, Idaho Chapter Tripartite Meeting  
  July 17, 1999  

Oregon, Washington, Idaho Chapter Tripartite Meeting
Columbia Gorge Interpretative Center
Stevenson, WA

July 17, 1999

Oregon, Washington, Idaho Chapter Tripartite Meeting, Skamania, WA -
The meeting was called to order by Washington Chapter President Murray Hayes, who chaired the afternoon event from 2:30 to 5:00 PM. Approximately 40 people attended from the three states. The purpose was to focus on understanding the role and mission of state chapters in relation to other local and national Lewis & Clark organizations.

Barb Kubik (WA Governor's Lewis & Clark Trail Committee and president-elect of LCTHF) opened the program with an overview of the original Lewis & Clark Commission in 1964; state committee's appointed by the 11 state governors and the later 1969 formation of the LCTHF; state chapters; National Bicentennial Council; and state regional L & C entities. She graphically described the origin and hierarchy of these L & C organizations and their roles.

Steve Wang (WA Department of Parks) then described the state agencies involved in Washington's L & C programs (Tourism, Parks, Transportation, Fish & Wildlife, and Historical Society). He then described (with handout maps and a listing of high priority sites) the location and estimated costs of some 126 projects for the "Washington State L & C Interpretative and Tourism plan." Potential funding sources were largely Federal matching grants under the TEA 21 (enhancement, scenic byway transportation funds).

Keith Hay, President of the Oregon Chapter described the roles of the various L & C organizations in Oregon including: Oregon Lewis & Clark Chapter; Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon (LCBO); Oregon Historical Society; Oregon Tourism Commission, Oregon Heritage Commission; Oregon Historic Preservation Office, Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Association (Clatsop Co.); Northwest affiliated tribes; and Lewis & Clark 2005 (Portland Metro Area). He also discussed the programs and plans for the Oregon Chapter including meetings, field trips, LCBO's - 56 projects, Lewis & Clark Columbia River Water Trail, WEB site and Lewis & Clark in Oregon slide presentation.

Steve Lee, President of the Idaho Chapter graphically illustrated the two separated trail segments of the Lewis & Clark Trail in Idaho and the small communities in these locations. Most of the same state agencies as Washington and Oregon are also involved in Idaho Lewis & Clark planning.

Barb Kubik gave a brief overview of the Federal agencies involved with the "Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail": including, NPS, BLM, USFS, Corps of engineers, USFWS, Bureau of Indian Affairs and Native American Tribes.

The MO Historical Society will have a major L & C traveling exhibit during the bicentennial and the Oregon Historical Society will host it in Portland.

The Smithsonian Institution will also have a special exhibition on the Expedition as well as the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, PA.

Murray Hayes discussed some of the plans and programs for the Washington Chapter and the development of the "Washington Lewis & Clark Interpretive and Tourism Plan."

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Keith Hay

July 24, 1999

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Posted: July 24, 1999
Updated: August 1, 1999

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