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  Board Meeting Minutes, Beaverton, OR  
  August 24, 2002  

The meeting was held at the Beaverton Public Library. Attendees: Jay Rasmussen, Keith Hay, Doug Erickson, Mike Perry, Ted Kaye, Dick Hohnbaum, Don Eppenbach, Ken Karsmizki, Roger Wendlick, Glen Kirkpatrick, Anita Walker and Larry McClure.

The Chapter has $2,131 dollars in the bank and a growing membership of 207 members.
Jay started the meeting at 10:00 AM with news and updates:
  • Bicentennial Council Reorganization - All attendees were aware of the recent reoganization of the National Council.
  • LCBO New Executive Director - All attendees were aware of LCBO's search for a new executive director. [Late news flash: an offer is being made to the top candidate.]
  • Changes at Fort Clatsop-a new Superintendent to replace Don Striker. Don will be the new Superintendent at Mt. Rushmore. Don has formally tendered his resignation from the ORLCTHF Board. We all wish Don Striker the best in his new assignment. He will be sorely missed as we have greatly appreciated his straightforward, honest and friendly approach along with his accomplishments during his stay at the Fort Clatsop. A Going-Away party for Don Striker is scheduled for 2:30 pm Saturday, September 21, 2005 at the Liberty Theater in Astoria.
  • Oregon Chapter Member Mabel Johnson donated 5 cedar trees to Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge for use in construction of a replica of a Clatsop Plank house.
  • History Channel to film "Modern Marvels" on L&C to air in 2003. They will be filming along the trail between now and mid-October 2002 and have an extensive demonstration wish list. They will also be filming actual artifacts and accurate reconstructions of expedition equipment.
  • 2005 Foundation Meeting
    Next, the Board had a long discussion about the 2005 annual Foundation meeting that is tentatively schedule for August of 2005 at the Seaside Convention Center. With an estimated 600 in attendance, the board thought there are several problems with having the meeting in Astoria/Seaside and that Portland had a number of significant advantages including:
    1) No potential conflict with the Seaside volley ball tournament that annually draws thousands of visitors to the North Coast. The board felt it might be similar to the recent Council Meeting in Dillon where the town and its facilities were simply overwhelmed. Portland, on the other hand, could easily handle the influx of visitors and would offer many choices on accommodations.
    2) Astoria is not centrally located for Lewis and Clark activities related to the trail. Portland would be better in that events could go west down the Columbia to Astoria, or east up the Columbia River.
    3) Lack of access. Having the Council meeting in Astoria would require many to fly to PDX and then make other arrangements for travel to Astoria, increasing costs for participants. If the event were located in Portland, a participant could attend the event utilizing just a round trip plane ticket to PDX.
    4) The Central location of Portland affords the meeting to be a Vancouver-Portland effort and more fully involve both the Washington and Oregon Chapters.
    5) The focus on the Foundation meeting being encouraging family participation would be better served in the Portland area where there are more attractions that might excite kids, such as OMSI, Ft. Vancouver and the Oregon Zoo.
    The consensus of the Board was to have the meeting moved to Portland if possible. Roger Wendlick made a formal proposal and it was approved. The Board also felt a subcommittee needs to be formed to explore the possibility of moving the meeting, determine accommodation options and to put together a presentation to the National LCTHF. Ted Kaye, Mike Perry, Rodger Wendlick, Jay Rasmussen, Doug Erickson, Ken Karsmizki and Larry McClure all volunteered to start this effort. Doug mentioned that L&C College has dorms and other facilities that could potentially be used and also suggested that chapter member George Forbes might be a good resource in helping to find a Portland hotel that can host this event Changing the venue also depends on the degree of pushback from the Astoria/Seaside contingent. The budget to organize such a meeting will require us acquire grants and/or host sponsors. Relationships will need to be explored with agencies such as the National Park Service, Bonneville Power Administration, Corps of Engineers, Meyer Trust (possibly through LCBO), Horizon Air, Powells Books, OHS, WSHS, Oregon and Washington Tourism and local government, tourism and chamber of commerce organizations.

    Board Elections and Membership
    Next, the Board discussed the board and officer positions due for election as well as the topic of increasing the size of the Board. For officers, the board will recommend reelecting Mike Carrick as Vice-President and Dick Hohnbaum as Treasurer for new two-year terms. For director positions, the board recommends reelecting Doug Erickson and Larry McClure to new three-year terms. These positions will need to be approved by vote of the chapter members at the fall meeting.

    The Board also decided to recommend amending the Chapter bylaws to allow expanding the Board to include three new positions. Additionally, they recommended Ted Kaye, Ken Karsmizki, and Ellie McClure to fill those positions. The bylaw admendments and recommended slate of new board members will be presented for approval to the membership at the fall meeting. The process of deciding which of these new directors will serve 1, 2 or 3 year terms will be decided by any preferences of the new directors and/or by a process of random selection.

    Jay Rasmussen mentioned that the Board needs to be thinking of his replacement as president next year. He encouraged the Board to be discussing possible candidates.

    Fall Chapter Meeting and other upcoming events
    The Board set the fall meeting at OMSI to view the new ONIMAX movie on Lewis and Clark. The meeting will include a short business meeting so the Chapter could vote on the changes to the Board and elect Officers. The meeting date is to be determined and is tentatively set for Friday Oct. 18 or Saturday, Oct. 19. The Chapter will get a group rate for the movie which will save at least $1.00 per person.

    Glen thought that the Chapter should widen some of the activities at the meetings thinking that hikes along the trail would be a good event for something a little different. He indicated originally he wanted to do a September meeting involving a beach picnic, discussion on the Salt Works, and a hike along that "slippery stone beach" to the base of Clark's Mountain on Tillamook Head. He also mentioned naming of Clark's Mountain was on track and recent correspondence with the National Geographic Names Board was positive.

    The annual Christmas Party is again set on December 7th. Keith indicated he would bring elk, beaver, salmon and dog dishes for the party. It was suggested we have the Red Lion cater the event at the facilities at the Maritime Museum. This would provide better facilities and also allow attendees to see the new museum exhibits. Glen thought the tickets should be priced at $25.00 per person allowing the Chapter to make a modest profit on the event.

    Larry McClure presented material on the upcoming Play -Sacagawea, a young woman on the edge of history. The January meeting is tentatively centered on this event at the Keller Auditorium on January 11, 2003.

    OHS will host their annual Wintering In event at the Bybee House on Sauvie Island on September 21 and 22 between 11:00AM to 5:00 PM. The Board thought this would be a great event for ORLCTHF and an opportunity to increase membership. In addition to a booth, participants must have some activity or demonstration such as flintlock firing demonstration. Roger indicated he could work the event and Ken indicated he might also be able to help. Roger requested additional help.

    The ORLCTHF has been invited to attend a History Forum in Albany on Sunday, October 20 at 2:00-3:00 PM. Dick Hohnbaum volunteered to set up a booth and cover this event. The Board decided to have a Banner made for use at booths for such events and Dick Hohnbaum volunteered to check into having this done. Jay Rasmussen volunteered to seek NPS permission to use the famous "L&C pointing logo" on the new chapter banner.

    The Port of Portland will be holding their River City Celebration: Connecting People and Places on September 21, 2002. The Board decided to decline participation as this event conflicts with the September OHS Harvest Festival.

    Barnes & Noble will be having a Lewis and Clark Event and Book signing on September 23 at the Lloyd Center. Jay will be one of the panelists along with Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham, Robert Reynolds, Martin Plamondon and Roland Smith (Author of "The Captains Dog").

    Jay reminded everybody of the Washington Chapter meeting in the Tri-Cities slated for September 7th.

    The ORLCTHF received a request to endorse a play "Riversong". The Board then discussed the topic of endorsements and how they should be handled. The Board recognized that giving an endorsement is something that is consistent with our mission statement and something we should do. After some discussion the Board further decided the ORLCTHF would charge $25.00 for an endorsement and would review a tape of Riversong at its next opportunity. $25 was chosen to be a low enough fee so that it would not discourage anybody and at the same time not give the impression that the ORLCTHF was "bought".

    Jay handed out proposed text for interpretive panels "Corps of Discovery" and "Jean Baptist Charbonneau" for review. Immediately the Board recognized the panels were far too long. Jay requested review and comment.

    The new Oregon Tourism Commission/Washington State Business and Tourism Development brochure was passed out at the meeting. It was recognized that this document was primarily aimed at commercial tourism development and not a great source of information on L&C. Ted Kaye passed out the "Lewis and Clark on the Columbia River" brochure, which shows the location of all current interpretive signing along with accurate descriptions of the trail, campsites, and significant trail interpretive material. Jay suggested, and the Board agreed, to write LCBO to obtain the rights for this excellent brochure so we could reprint it for ORLCTHF use.

    Roger made a proposal for the Chapter to reimburse travel costs for Don Eppenbach. Don always comes to our board meetings from the Boardman area giving us representation from the Columbia Plateau section of the trail. Since most of the meetings are local to the Portland area, the Board felt this was only fair and that we definitely wanted to encourage Don's representation from east of the mountains.

    Ted passed out several items of interest including the recent Time Magazine article, a 2005/DEA technical report on Portland area sites/opportunities, a brochure on the Landscapes Project by the Friends of the Columbia Gorge, and an Oregon Forest Resources Institute brochure, as well as the David Plotz article "Stop Celebrating. They don't matter".

    Respectfully submitted,

    Glen Kirkpatrick,
    Secretary, Oregon Chapter LCTHF
    15100 SE Gladstone Dr.
    Portland, Oregon 97236

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    Posted: October 3, 2002

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