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  Minutes of Second Annual Meeting  
  January 15, 2000 at Lewis & Clark College  

Officers and Board Members present: Keith Hay, President; Jay Rasmussen, Vice President; Mike Carrick, Secretary; Richard Hohnbaum, Treasurer; Directors: Doug Erickson, John Montague, Don Eppenbach, Roger Wendlick, and Larry McClure. Missing: none

Meeting called to order at 1 pm by President Keith Hay
After opening remarks, Keith introduced first speaker, Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham. Dr. Beckham presented a lecture and slide presentation entitled, "Meriwether Lewis: Pioneering Botanist." Several questions from the audience followed the presentation.

About 2:30 pm Keith introduced the second speaker, Mark Hamilton. Mr. Hamilton described his solo journey by dory and kayak down the Ohio river, up the Mississippi, up the Missiouri to Dillon, MT. Then by Mule to the Columbia, and then by Kayak to the Pacific Ocean. Several questions from the audience followed his presentation.

The Business Meeting commenced about 3 pm.

1. A change to the Bylaws (Article 3, Section 1) was proposed and voted for unanimously. The current Bylaws call for the annual election to be in October, and for those elected to assume office immediately. The change is to have those Officers voted in at the October meeting to take office on January 1st following the election. Directors will assume duties immediately after the election.

2. Dick Hohnbaum gave the Treasurer's Report. We have $1,115.10 ending 12/31/99. Incoming dues for the year 2000 already exceed $750 (he could not give a precise figure as dues were being submitted even as he was giving his report).

3. Mike Carrick reported that there are approximately 156 members. Again, not a precise figure as there have been some very recent new member applications received, and not all renewals have been received.

4. Ted Kaye reported on the activities of The Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon (LCBO) committee. He told us that LCBO is coordinating 62 requests for funding submitted from the group of 45 different agencies in Oregon that are concerned with the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial event. Our request for funds to develop the Charbonneau Gravesite is number two in their priority of rankings under the category of Parks and Trails.

5. There was a lengthy discussion on coordinating the Chapters of Washington, Oregon and Idaho to present a Tri-state symposium. Dr. Beckham told us that Lewis & Clark College plans to do that very task, and the venue will be the new Bicentennial Hall they are constructing with a $1,000,000 grant. If was felt that if we allied with this Lewis & Clark College program, we may be melded into their program and lose our identity. Barb Kubik suggested that we re-activate the symposium series started about twenty years ago by the Washington and Oregon Chapters. They had their seventh annual symposium in 1980.

6. Our potential project to have the three state chapters cooperate on developing a book about the influence of the L&C expedition on the Pacific Northwest was discussed in detail. Several proposals for maps and tourist-site booklets were discussed. The general consensus evolved into the consideration of a website initially, followed by a printed document.

7. The restoration of the gravesite of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was discussed. Roger Wendlick reported his visit to the site and outlined the pros and cons of dealing with a site on private property in a remote area. LCBO has requested funding for a restoration project on or near this site.

The annual meeting was adjourned about 5pm and many in attendance accompanied Doug Erickson and Roger Wendlick to a tour of the Chuinard/Wendlick collection of rare books.

Mike Carrick
January 18, 2000

Pre-Meeting Announcement Information

Saturday, January 15, 2000
Lewis & Clark College
0615 S.W. Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR  97219-7899
Room 105, Miller Center for the Humanities

Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham

Dr. Stephen Dow Beckham, Pamplin Professor of History at Lewis and Clark College will present a talk entitled "Meriwether Lewis: Pioneering Botanist". Dr. Beckham's talk will commence at 1:00pm in room 105 of the Miller Center for the Humanities building. The chapter business meeting will follow Dr. Beckham's program. Some items on the business meeting agenda include:
  • Updates on various Chapter projects.
  • We expect representatives from the Washington (and perhaps the Idaho) Chapter to discuss the proposed Northwest Symposium book and Milepost Guidebook joint projects.
  • Proposed Bylaw change. A portion of Article III, Section I currently reads; "These elected officers shall take office immediately following the election." This language has proved problematic since it takes time to transfer bank-signing privileges, have new membership brochures printed and get our web site updated. The proposal is to change the sentence to read; "These elected officers shall take office on January 1 following the election." Thus, terms will run from January to January but will allow a couple of months after the fall elections to facilitate a "changing of the guard."

Click here for a campus map with the Miller building highlighted. To get to Lewis & Clark College from I-5 northbound or southbound, take the Terwilliger Boulevard exit. Turn right and follow the signs.

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Posted: January 18, 2000
Minutes amended: January 19, 2000

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