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  Board Meeting Minutes, Beaverton, OR  
  December 1, 2001  

The meeting was held at the Beaverton Public Library. Attendees: Jay Rasmussen, Doug Erickson, Roger Wendlick, Don Eppenbach, Glen Kirkpatrick, Larry McClure, Mike Perry, Dick Hohnbaum, Mike Carrick , and Don Striker.

Before the meeting started, Mike Carrick showed us his latest acquisition-an 1800 era, butt reservoir, air rifle, similar to the one carried on the expedition. Mike indicated that he had been searching for 5 years for this type of rifle and he felt his collection of Lewis and Clark arms was now complete.

Treasurer's Report- Dick Hohnbaum reported the chapter currently has $1523.68. We are in good financial health due to the generous donations from members above their required membership fees. We still have many Oregon Chapter members to renew for 2002. Glen Kirkpatrick indicated we should make a point of thanking members in our next newsletter.

Membership Report- Glen Kirkpatrick reported 181 current memberships. This includes all membership categories-student, single, family and corporate memberships.

Board Membership- Jay started the meeting by announcing that Linda Nelson has resigned her board membership. We all noted that we will miss her and noted her contributions in the past to the Oregon Chapter. She indicated a much-appreciated willingness to continue to be an active member of the group and help membership renewals and other projects. A discussion followed on finding a replacement. Names mentioned include Lois Meessen, Anita Walker, Bob Brown, Marcia Spellman, Dick Basch and Ron Craig. The current members felt we should make an effort to get some diversity on the board. Larry McClure thought getting a Chinook on the board would be a great addition. Jay said he would talk to the suggested candidates and see who was interested. If necessary, we could change the bylaws to expand the number on the Board of Directors.

Condor Fund
The next issue was a discussion of the Condor project by the Portland Zoo and whether we should contribute to the Condor fund. It was noted that there were significant problems to reintroduction and that current plans are for only very select locations. Problems include lead poisoning for eating bullets left in carcasses and the lack of Carrion in the natural environment. In Lewis and Clark's time there were tremendous amounts of dead salmon along the Columbia. The Board felt that although it was a very worthwhile cause, that we just do not have the finances to contribute dollars. However, if the opportunity arises, we should get involved and support the project.

LCBO membership- The board voted to renew our membership with LCBO. The annual fee is $100.00.

Christmas Party- The discussion then focused on next weekend's Christmas Party at Fort Clatsop. Currently, it looks like there will be well over 100 people in attendance and we will have significant numbers from the Washington and Idaho Chapters. Many details were discussed. We decided to have nametags with dinner tickets. There will also be a wide variety of native foods. Don Striker agreed to MC the event. Speakers will include Curly Bear, Joe Scovell and possibly Clay Jenkins.

Planning Future Meetings:
Sunday, February 24, 2002 in the Miller Hall for the Humanities, Room 105 at Lewis and Clark College, performance by Daniel Slosberg portraying Pierre Cruzatte.

February 22-24, National Association of Interpretation (NAI) Conference will occur in Portland.

April 20, Dallas Discovery Center (tentative) Mike Perry to coordinate. Meeting may include talk by Ken Karsmizki and field visits to Rock Fort/Crates Point.

September 14-15, (tentative) Beach picnic at Salt Works. Meeting to include a presentation of information on the Salt Works and a hike to the base of Clark's Mountain. Glen Kirkpatrick to organize. Date selection was to await information from Don Striker regarding coordinating with local events.

Dec. 7, 2002 Fort Clatsop Christmas Party. The board agreed that raising the dinner price to $25 would be appropriate and a good fund raiser for the Oregon Chapter.

Other suggested meetings/topics:

Barb Kubik Article
Jay passed out an excellent letter in response to the Oregonian and The Columbian recent article "Oregon Lags in Bicentennial Effort." The letter makes some very excellent points on what has been accomplished and points out much mis-information in the articles.

DAR Marker Locations
The Oregon Chapter has been presented the opportunity to select three potential sites for the location of DAR markers. Sites were selected for their significance to Lewis and Clark and where there is a void in existing interpretive signing. Other favorable factors included the desire to locate the markers in State Parks or other public parks where they would be viewed extensively by the public and also where they had an entity responsible for maintenance. After considerable discussion as to what aspects of a site would make a good location for these prestigious historical markers, the Board conducted a brainstorming session and came up with seven possible locations. Each member of the board was given three votes and we selected our top three candidates. Then we each had one vote to prioritize the remaining sites in case the primary locations would not work for some reason. The results:

Top three Winners:
Hat Rock, at Hat Rock State Park
Cathedral Park, Clark's turnaround point on the Willamette River
Prescott Beach on the lower Columbia by Trojan-a L&C campsite.

Runner ups in order of priority:
Deschutes River, State Park at the mouth
Dabney State Park commemorating Pryor's exploration of the Sandy River
Ecola (Clark's Point) commemorating Clark's trip for whale meet
Indian Beach at Ecola commemorating Clark's trip for whale meat

St. Paul Cemetery-signage for Rivet
Project on hold until we receive draft text from Keith Hay.

Tri-State Guide Project
Molly Coyle Smith sent information request packets to county representatives. Washington and Idaho have already prepared their draft material. Oregon is lagging. Also, there is still a need for someone to compile the data from all three sources into one draft that shares the same format. Jay mentioned that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineering is planning a similar on-line guidebook and that they are MUCH better funded and staffed. It seems we would be duplicating their work and we would be better off letting them create their site, but hopefully get involved in vetting their material.

Oregon Garden
Larry McClure contacted the Oregon Garden Project in Woodburn. He indicated they were very interested in doing something with native plants/Lewis and Clark and would working on a cost share challenge grant. Oregon Garden contact is William Blum.

Private Land Inventory
Jay indicated Jeffrey Olsen (LCTHF) will be visiting in January to talk to our chapter about the inventory.

Guide Requests-
The Oregon Chapter has numerous requests for guides and other assistance, including AASLH, Queen of the West, and the Friends of the Columbia River Gorge. Much discussion ensued on what the chapter could offer in helping boat tour companies present accurate historical information. On January 17th there will be a meeting of Tour Boat operators with the local Astoria Community. Larry McClure volunteered to go to this meeting and pass out LCBO material (along with ORLCTHF info) and voice his concerns at this meeting.

End of Trail Art Exhibition-March 2003
Don Striker mentioned he was working on this exciting national event with the National Park Service and the Columbia Maritime Museum. More information will be forthcoming. He also mentioned the art contest will involve prizes up to a maximum of $50,000.

The Lakeside Gem and Mineral Show, Pasco-The theme will be "Tail of Gems" featuring Rocks and Minerals related to the Corps of Discovery is to be held in August, 2003.

Discussion on How to help the Chinooks in their efforts for tribal recognition.- Doug Erickson mentioned the need to help the Chinook in their efforts to gain tribal recognition. A discussion soon followed on how we might be able to influence the Department of Interior to support tribal recognition. Don Striker mentioned that we could all write letters, but that it probably would not be effective. He thought the best way would be to get national attention through some sort of major article in an east coast/or national publication. Doug hit on the idea of having the National Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation write a letter to Gale Norton. Doug volunteered to draft a letter to accomplish this.

Membership Levels
Mike Carrick suggested the idea of having different membership levels for those that wanted to donate to our organization. The Board agreed on the following membership levels each assigned a rank:

Jay passed out information on numerous topics including:

Yours truly,

Glen Kirkpatrick,
Secretary, Oregon Chapter LCTHF
15100 SE Gladstone Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97236

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Posted: December 21, 2001

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