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  Fall Council Meeting - Irrigon, OR  
  October 13, 2001  

The meeting was held at the Senior Center. About 18 members were in attendance. Jay opened the meeting by thanking Don Eppenbach and Jerry Igo for their efforts on the presentations to be given. We went around the room and everybody had the opportunity to introduce themselves.

Membership Report- Glen Kirkpatrick reported 173 currently paid memberships. Our group continues to grow.

Treasurer's Report- Dick Hohnbaum reported a bank balance of $1,110.38.

The next item of business was the election of the nominated officers for next year and the election of two members of the Board of Directors. The nominations were:

President-Jay Rasmussen
Vice President-Mike Carrick
Secretary-Glen Kirkpatrick
Treasurer-Dick Hohnbaum
Board Members:
Don Eppenbach
Mike Perry (Director-Columbia River Gorge Discovery Center)
The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Next was a vote on the change of the bylaws to do away with term limits. Again, the motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Jay then presented some good news. Michelle Watson, Washington DC Congressional Caucus representative was successful in securing a full $5,000,000 in Challenge Cost Share funding for the National Parks for Lewis and Clark Bicentennial Projects. Jay mentioned the important job that Doug Erickson has with chairing our new Projects Committee and establishing a list of projects that may benefit from these cost share challenge funds.

Tom Hekker spoke next on Francois Rivet, one of the French Engages who accompanied Lewis and Clark as far as the Mandan Village. Rivet is a documented member of the Corps of Discovery who is buried in the old cemetery at St. Paul Oregon. However, the exact location of the grave is unknown as all the grave markers were razed many years ago. It is a small graveyard about one acre in size. Tom felt that this would be a great project for the Chapter to work on with the St. Paul Cemetery Association. They have money and will pay for an interpretive sign/historical marker. They want to work with the ORLCTHF to make this a reality. Keith suggested we draft a sign and get the project started. There is an existing WPO article that would be a good source and place to start.

Jay mentioned the ORLCTHF is officially incorporated and that we have a Tax Identification number which is 93-1326299.

Jay then talked about the upcoming November 10th event at the Kennedy School to support Ron Craig's efforts to produce a children's book and documentary on York. We are co-sponsoring the event. All tickets will be sold at the door. On hand will be: Amy Mossett, a Mandan/Hidatsa native performing as Sacagawea; Otis Halfmoon, a Nez Perce; Michelle Bussard, who will provide a bicentennial update; Gary Stroutsos, master of the Native American flute; and Ron Craig.

Albert Furtwangler has just published an article in the Oregon Historical Society Quarterly on Pomp.

Next, Keith talked about recent events relative to the lower Columbia River Water Trail Association. The group just completed a planning meeting that was very widely attended. Plans call for both a Canoe Trail and a conventional trail on both sides of the river. The association is a group of people that have come together to not only develop the trail, but also form a framework for protecting sites and facilities for future generations. Keith's water trail guide is the official publication of the trail.

Jay mentioned the Christmas Party is set for Saturday December 8. Activities will start at 1:00 PM at the Fort. This year we will have special presentations from the OR, ID, WA chapters, local tribes, and Curly Bear Wagner, a Blackfoot scholar on the expedition. Dinner at the Red Lion is $15 dollars. Make your reservations now. We are hoping this year one will be able to test Meriwether Lewis's statement about dog being a "healthy strong diet, and from habit it has become by no means disagreeable to me, I prefer it to lean venison or elk and very far superior to horse in any state."

The group then talked at length about the current status of LCBO and the difficulties at hand. Mike Carrick mentioned that he wanted a picture taken of a stirrup branding iron next to the Lewis branding iron for a project he is working on. He was refused stating that the branding iron is property of OHS and is only for their use. Keith mentioned an upcoming meeting with Bill Bradbury, OHS and Norma Paulus in Salem (Oct. 18) and a membership meeting at OMSI (Nov. 19) . All this combined with the September 11 events were not encouraging for the LCBO and that the future success of the group is in doubt.

On a brighter note, Roger mentioned that Joan Hunter of the DAR has indicated they want our chapter to help them come up with three sites for DAR markers. Glen promoted the idea of Clark's Turnaround Point on the Willamette at Cathedral Park as one possible location. Roger indicated that we need to have a good internal discussion and come back with additional ideas. Then as a group we can develop some recommendations.

Jay indicated the American Association for State and Local Histories is looking for some volunteer guides to accompany buses in September (25 - 28) 2002.

Jay announced that the 8 volume Thwaites edition is now available and that if anyone in our chapter buys any of them we will get a commission.

The last item discussed was about Pomp's Pillar. The fight to protect the viewshed from this historic location is still going strong with no resolution.

The meeting was adjourned and we had two excellent presentations given to the group. Don Eppenbach talked about the "Beautiful Plains of the Columbia". So often, this part of the trail has been passed over and yet contains some very significant events. Don presented the events of both the fall 1805 down river trip and their return in the spring of 1806. Jerry then started his presentation with a harmonica. He then gave a great presentation of the plants collected by Lewis from this part of the trail. On hand were over two dozen specimens and we heard interesting stories on each plant.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.

Yours truly,

Glen Kirkpatrick,
Secretary, Oregon Chapter LCTHF
15100 SE Gladstone Dr.
Portland, Oregon 97236

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Posted: October 19, 2001

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