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  Winter Council Meeting  
  March 17, 2001  

Jay Rasmussen opened the meeting and welcomed everybody.

Glen Kirkpatrick gave a membership update. The ORLCTHF has a a total of 187 members who have paid their 2001 dues. Glen reminded attendess to be sure and send in their membership renewals if they have not already done so.

Dick Hohnbaum gave the Treasurers' report. We now have a bank balance of $1394.92 not counting the checks he had just received. All of the chapter's bills are paid.

The Chapter then voted on the bylaws change to allow the offices of Secretary and Treasurer to be elected for more than two consecutive terms. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Jay mentioned that one of our Directors, John Montague, has been reassigned to Los Angeles. Due to his new home base, he could no longer effectively serve as a Director, although he still plans to contribute to the ORLCTHF where he could. Therefore, we are actively seeking somebody to replace John on the Board.

Jay then gave us an update on Chapter projects:
  • Name badges: Still working on finding an acceptable supplier.
  • Private Lands Inventory: LCTHF requesting information from Oregon Chapter on the land status of L & C sites. Keith indicated that through the work of Molly Coyle Smith we know which sites are on public lands verses private lands. Jay mentioned the 2005 group will have information on Portland area sites and that we need a volunteer to take on the project and compile the available information.
  • Water Trail Guide: Keith indicated Mountaineers Book Publishers had been selected as the publisher. He also indicated that he had received a $5,000 grant for the project from the National Park Service. The grant was a joint effort of the Oregon and Washington Chapters.
  • Tri-State Guide Book: Keith indicated he would meet with Molly Smith in April on this project.
  • Clarks' Point of View: Glen indicated the revised recommendation to the Oregon Geographic Names Board that had been approved by the ORLCTHF Board had been sent. The revised recommendation called for naming the high point on the north end of Tillamook Head as Clarks' Mountain. This avoided the controversy and safety arguments of the original proposal to re-name Bird Point as Clark's Point of View.
  • Lewis and Clark Trains to Astoria: Keith mentioned he has been asked to appear in the legislature and give support to ODOT's efforts to reopen the Astoria Rail Line for the Bicentennial to alleviate some of the traffic congestion and to promote Lewis and Clark on the lower Columbia.

  • Jay talked about upcoming events:
  • Saturday April 21, Beaverton City Library, Artist Forum, Mark Hamilton to attend and show videos of his solo trip on the trail.
  • Saturday May 19, 2001, Kennewick, WA, Joint meeting with the Washington and Idaho Chapters. Jerry Igo will be the guest speaker. Hike in the afternoon to view plants mentioned in the journals.
  • August 5-8, Pierre South Dakota, joint meeting with the National LCTHF.
  • Saturday October 13, Irrigon, to include field trip to local sites.
  • Saturday, December 8, 2001 Fort Clatsop Christmas Party.

  • Jay indicated he is working to reinstate our chapter's Tax ID number so we could then get bulk mailing rates. Some potential significant cost savings.

    Other items discussed:
  • LCBO map of the Columbia has been published and was available.
  • A number of ORLCTHF members got to meet Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton during her recent visit to Fort Clatsop.
  • President Clinton had promoted Clark to the official rank of Captain. York and Sacagawea made sergeants.
  • A potential new project for a volunteer is to work on developing an official US Oregon State Lewis and Clark Stamp.
  • Don Dinsmore talked about a recent antiques road show where one of the guests had the original document recommending Lewis for promotion to a Captain. It was appraised at about $30,000.
  • Glen Harrison mentioned the upcoming Heritage Days in Albany on June 9&10. We indicated the need to be at this event with a table about Lewis and Clark and the ORLCTHF.
  • Oregon Outside Magazine will have a story on the Jean Baptiste Gravesite.
  • June Sunset magazine will have an article on Jean Baptiste Gravesite.
  • IMAX and National Geographic are partnering on a new L&C IMAX film.
  • Jerry Igo will also be giving his presentation on native plants on April 22 at the Mosier School during a Native Plant Society event and April 28, 29, & 30 at the Columbia River Discovery Center.
  • May issue of WPO to include an article on Lewis and Clark in the Columbia River Gorge by Glen Kirkpatrick. Emphasis on Geology.

  • A group discussion followed on the need for L & C interpretation to be culturally sensitive and to standardize terms used.

    Doug Erickson and Roger Wendlick followed with a very entertaining and informative slide show on the literature of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

    Glen Kirkpatrick
    Secretary, OR LCTHF

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    Posted: March 21, 2001

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